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Τετάρτη, 13 Νοεμβρίου 2013


Farewell song

           In memory of my father

I am looking for the most beautiful words
To write you a farewell song
For winters and summers on end
But naked is the pain and scared am I
To touch the notes barehanded.
Wagons come and go
Filled with souls
Born and dead
And I am left on my own
Upon the rails of memory,
Prey to the silence left behind
By trains drifting away from me,
Seeking for your traces so as not to forget you.

 It was the dusk of sadness
And the hovering of night,
The hope that was fading
In the corner of pain.

And it was the grey sparrows
That flew around us
On the last seconds
Of the day that was ending
When you spread your arms
To silently cut the fruits
Of the tree that was rooted
Deep in Hades’ abyss.

But, father, I did not see it
And I was longing
For the dawn to bring me back the light.
How could I ever know
That it would bring along
The unbearable void
Of your absence.

 Vaso Brataki


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