the painting is created by Maria Kazazi

Τρίτη, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2013



        ODE TO LOVE

I love you ,

Thirsty as the fire

That raked everything

In my soul’s forests

At burnt moons’ nights

When fires were lit

In the  neighborhoods of the stars.

I love you,

Crazy as the storm

That shook the branches

On my imagination’s trees

When love was secretly walking by,

Music on my soul’s clavier .

I love you,

Impetuous as the light

Shedding transparent fans

On the uncharted landscapes of your body

When starlight sets sail

On the maiden voyage of my hands .

I love you,

Immense as night

When the lotus of lust matures

In the arms of secret gardens

And angels’ wings open

On the alleys of dream.

Vaso Brataki


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