the painting is created by Maria Kazazi

Πέμπτη, 25 Αυγούστου 2011


In nets of silence
Our heartbeats writhe
Like Silver fish
When little August
Climbed triumphantly
Summer's stone stairs
Like an Ikarus,
Unaware of the melting power
Of a moment's lighting
That can waste everything away
Even our wings of wax

Madness and sanity
Tangled in a skein
Left in sunset's palm
When we were silently carving
Words born by love
Where our silences
Secretly met
When red dropped
In a triumph
The curtain
To the devotees of the dream
Those that promised
Once more
To rise
In the courtyard of miracles
The words of love,
That we hid in secret
In the chambers of dream
To protect them
From becomig the prey
Of the voracious thieves'
unholy hands....

Lyrics :Vaso Brataki

Τranslated by Xaris Paraskevopoulou

From the poetic collection
"Charioteer Night"

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