the painting is created by Maria Kazazi

Παρασκευή, 29 Οκτωβρίου 2010

(The painting is created by Maria kazazi )


Within the border
by your eyes' embrace,
the sadder of a flame,
kept in a fireside
so well guarded,
in an ancient times' cocoon
And I,a wakening soul,
a caterpillar dreaming
of a butterfly's birth,
that dares flirting
with its own death
while silently marking
the beginning and the end
of a moment in time,
when becoming the sacrifice
for an infallible dream,
an illusion that bleeds
feeling the fire,
at the bottom of a heart.

Within the border
that divides
darkness from light,
silence shuddering,
when the castles of your voice
fall like chartaceous walls
And Love,
silently wondering
alongside sweaty horses' breath,
above the boys of stone
that shared the silence of the stars,
sleeping riders,
secret lovers of the stone
urging on their knees
for just one night
to exchange stone with flesh,
seeking to extinguish their eternal thirst
to become the travellers of dream
madmen over the centuries...

Lyrics: Vaso Brataki

Translated by Xaris Paraskevopoulou

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